Am I a Who?

The essence of a person is how they want to represent themselves. We are a race that lives in groups, communities and societies. What we do or have done defines us and tells the world what we are. Our capabilities are only limited by ourselves. The potential of every human being is limitless if they choose it to be. But seeing ourselves through our own eyes tells us what we are and no matter how much one has achieved, only those eyes know what had to be done to accomplish those things.

When asked by someone about my identity, the first thought that comes to my mind or the minds of anyone posed with such a question is simple. Who am I? No one defines their identity on a daily basis and people have to think a little before they come up with an answer. Of course the literal answer about ones identity would be the facts they already know. Like their names, what they do, who their parents are etc.  But a much deeper understanding of oneself is required before we can “conjure” an answer for this question. Every day we are new, no one can be the same person every day. You have changed mentally as well as physically. You have grown a day older. You have gained the experience of one more day in your life. We are what a roboticist would call as wetware constantly evolving and learning new things, never the same.

I am evolving everyday and learning new things, just like everyone else is. Gaining more knowledge, getting to know myself more and what my capabilities are. Pushing my limits just that little nudge every day.  My body runs on the basis of eat, sleep, eat repeat so the productivity extracted from my body is non-existential to say the least. The culprit for this is laziness, I wonder if everybody is faced with the battle against it or in my case being part of it in the battle against everyone. Just imagine, if only for a minute, everybody around you being practically lazy. What do I mean by this? Well here is a simple flow of how imaging this would be for me. Starting from the start of the starting of my day, the milkman being lazy leaves the milk on the road, then the person who distributes the newspapers being lazy, never gets around to getting up to deliver the newspaper. Then because my mother is lazy, she doesn’t wake me up so I in turn get up late, and because of not having any milk or morning news to read get even lazier to do anything else. So lazily, I reach the station and being lazy, the motorman arrives with the train 40 minutes late and as a consequence I reach college lazily. Now here starts the best part of my imagination, my teachers being lazy don’t give any assignments and my peers being too lazy don’t do any assignments thus I am not obligated to complete them either. Thus laziness, however catastrophic it may sound is lazily pleasurable. Don’t you think so? I hope you agree. Only if humans had the ability of the polar bear, being able to hibernate after the biggest feast it can have. Oh well I can only imagine how fun that would be. Another thing my imagination loves to conjure is the ability of floating in space through endless time, visiting various planets and their races and exploring the endless dark matter. I assume by now you think I am crazy, yes I am because if you aren’t crazy you can never defy what people think of you. Previously I had said that I don’t let people define who I am, that includes me. You can never define yourself or who you are even though you may believe that you can. We are boundless creatures, putting yourself in a box and having a sticker pasted on you saying who you are, may not work. As a personality or a consciousness we are always evolving, enhancing, and energizing ourselves and people around us.

 I am on the same boat as you; I am falling so I am taking my time on my ride. Cebause (read as because) after all we are equivocal beings and we all have to reach the same destination so I will enjoy my journey as much as possible.


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