What’s in a Name?

Lord Shiva is considered to be one of the three Great Gods, He enjoys this position with Vishnu and Brahma. Vishnu is the protector and Brahma the creator, the reason why we are all here. Shiva is considered to be the destroyer,

If mankind is no longer fit to be on the face of the earth, he will bring down his wrath upon them with the help of his third eye. The Tandav that Shiva performs is considered to be one of the most ferocious of all dances. Shiva resides in the mountain of Kailash with his wife Parvati. The appearance of Shiva is like that of an ascetic and he holds a trident in one of his arms, and has an hourglass shaped drum (damaru).  He wears the crescent moon on his head, has a serpent as a garland around his neck and the Ganga is supposed to flow from his hair. Also a distinct feature of Shiva is that he has a blue throat, and in some depictions his entire body is shown to be blue. Shiva has two children, namely

Ganesh and Kartikeya who are worshipped just as much as Shiva. Shiva has many names and one of them is Taraknath which means the protector lord, he also has an interesting name which he received after his blue throat. The name is Neelkanth which literally means one with the blue throat.

Coming back from mythological gods to people in real life who accomplished godly tasks, I would like to mention Neil Armstrong who is already well known for being the first man who walked the moon. While accomplishing this feat he also made a very famous quote “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”. Neil Armstrong was the commander of the Apollo 11 and a very accomplished man back on earth as well, he was and aerospace engineer, university professor and a naval aviator.

Taraknath, Neelkanth and Neil from Neil Armstrong is what forms the basis for my name, Tarneil. Pretty impressive? Well that is what my parents thought. Unfortunately it not as easy to pronounce as some of the more familiar names that Hindu children have. People have come up with quite a few version of my name, they even write and pronounce it the same. I would like to give a few examples, well I have quite a few to share, Traneil,Turnil,Kurnil,Tar-Neeel,Tharnul,Tarnil. These are the ones I could come up with in the back of my mind. I prefer my original name, pronunciation and spelling or simply Neil. This is the story of my name and how I have lived with it.


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