Who am I?

Who am I?I believe that a person really comes to know who he they are and what they are capable of when put in a survival situation, a situation where the person has to use the best of their abilities to ensure their safety. Would one leave their morals, their beliefs, their dependence to see that no matter what happens, to the best of their abilities they survive?

I have been in a few survival situations and though I wouldn’t claim it was a situation where I came close to death but rather it was a dire situation. In such situations I came to know that I am a person who would waste no time discarding the niceties and switch to survival mode instantly. If I need to do stay without company, so be it. If I needed to swim across a river just to move ahead on my path? Then I would calculate the risks involved and plunge in. Who I am is a practical person, one who doesn’t like to sugar coat things. If I serve you shit ill tell it to your face, but if I serve you a dish that makes me worthy of a Michelin star ill tell you that its not a special dish and just something regular. Sometimes I make things that mean nothing and I like to people to define what it should mean. But other times I make things that have so much meaning to me, alas most of the time people don’t get what it truly means. Who I am is not who you are and that’s more than enough to let me be at peace. I don’t let people define me and I like to trail blaze my own paths as I don’t find much joy in following a path already taken. I don’t believe in survival of the fittest, everyone has a right to live in their own way. I am a designer and maker at heart, I have a few tools, and materials I can sit and make things all day everyday. I don’t have much drive, I prefer to be driven unfortunately life isn’t so kind so you got to do the things you should yourself.



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