Se7ven words Seve7n Pictures

The seven words I chose that represent me are:

Dreamer, Curios, Lazy, RC Pilot, Adventurous, Quiet, Inventive.



This picture represents me as a dreamer where I get transported to my own world where I can explore what I like and do things differently.

Pic credit- google



I found that I am somewhat as curious as this squirrel to actually know how a camera manipulates light and captures moments that are remembered forever.

Pic credit- google



This is me every day of the week, I would rather be comfy on my bed tucked under a blanket sleeping all day long. And who better to represent that other than Patrick my favorite lazy starfish.

Pic credit- google

RC Pilot

RC Pilot:

This is one of my first truly versatile slow flier RC planes, its called the mini floater and it definitely floated in the air like nothing else you might have seen.

Pic credit- Self shot.



Surfing is a sport I got to try recently, it is one of those sports that looks deceptively simple but is actually requires a lot more skill than one would think. Whole lot of fun, nonetheless.

Pic credit- google



Nature provides one with everything they need and a very important part of that is places of quiet. Letting us forget the hustle and bustle of life in the city.

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Wanting to pursue product design and help people this image truly represents both. I face this problem often and and it bothers me that I cant use that 3gms of paste left in the tube early in the morning.

Pic credit- google