Poem review: Suburbs by Pablo Neruda



“I celebrate the virtues and vices

of suburban middle-class people

who overwhelm the refrigerator

and position colourful umbrellas

near the garden that longs for a pool:

for my middle-class brother

the principle of supreme luxury:

what are you and what am I, and we go on deciding

the real truth in this world.

The truth of that dream we buy on credit

of not going to the office on Saturday, at last,

and the merciless bosses whom the worker

manufactures in indivisible granaries

where executioners were always born

and grow up and always multiply.

We,heroes and poor devils,

the feeble, the braggarts, the unfinished,

and capable of everything impossible

as long as it’s not seen or heard

Don juans, women and men, who come and go

with the fleeting passage of a runner

or of a shy hotel for travelers.

And we with our small vanities,

our controlled hunger for climbing

and getting as far as everybody else has gotten

because it seems that is the way of the world:

an endless track of champions

and in a corner we, forgotten

maybe because of everybody else,

since they seemed so much like us

until they were robbed of their laurels,

their medals, their titles, their names.”


I chose this poem because it was a part of our school curriculum and i really related to one line in particular which is “I celebrate the virtues and vices of suburban middle-class people who overwhelm the refrigerator and position colorful umbrellas near the garden that longs for a pool” because not only do i find that literally the fridge at my home is always full but also that we are so full of pride that we are not open to new opinions or changes and want to be full of what we are.